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Frozen Solutions Cup Sealer Machine Bundle - Perfect for sealing ice cream cups, boba cups, bubble tea

Sealer Size

Introducing the new cup sealer machine from Frozen Solutions! These very high quality yet affordable sealers are perfect for ice cream, boba, bubble tea, juice, coffee, yogurt and much more!

If you have questions about what size you need, please do not hesitate to call us at: 888-698-1711

This machine can seal the following: 98mm Pints, 95mm Boba, 98mm PET cups, 98mm Paper Cups. Your order will include the sealing machine, the tooling for the size cup you select and TWO rolls of sealer which is approximately 7,800 cups!

User friendly digital interface, stainless steel design and high quality construction, all make this sealer the number 1 choice.

The digital panel shows everything about the machine that you need to know, such as sealing temperature, sealed cup counter, automatic or manual mode, and error codes. These values can be adjusted according to your sealing needs.

Speed up your workflow and cut down on costs with the Frozen Solutions cup sealer.

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